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Our Covenant

Our Covenant that we commit to:

(Our community consists of some who live at the mission and some who support from their own home)



  1. Love the Lord our God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.

  2. Devote my life to the advancement of the Kingdom of God as prescribed by our Lord, Savior and Master, and the teachings of the Apostles.

  3. With God as our Father, to acknowledge each other as brother and sister as well as joint heirs with Christ of the glories of God as we share His sufferings.

  4. To engage in the life of the community, sharing in the joys and bearing the burdens of our brothers and sisters; uniting ourselves in heart and mind.

  5. Use our spiritual gifts to strengthen the health of the community.

  6. Respect and submit to the leadership of the community.

  7. To engage in the fellowship of the community through sharing meals, studying scriptures and sharing life together.

  8. Give as able your service, resources, and finances (secondarily to your church) to advance the ministries of The Mission House.


  1. Offer your possessions for the common use of the household (aside from your personal items).

  2. Give of your finances, in minimum of the agreement, to the household.

  3. To give of your life as able to the enjoyment of the household.

  4. To fully engage in the ministries provided or supported by the household.



  1. To serve the community with love and gentleness.

  2. Promote the ministries of reconciliation, mercy, and repentance.

  3. Devote yourself to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Apostles.

  4. Solemnly vow to fully consider the needs and concerns of the community.

  5. Rely upon each member of the community, according to their spiritual gifts in all administrating decisions.

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