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Prayer for Schools was held Saturday August 22nd. We met at Breakthrough Christian Center and broke into teams of 2 to scatter across the city of St. Joseph. Each team had 4-5 schools to go to and pray as led. Every school in the city was visited and prayed for that day!!

Hope for Southside

Held Friday August 14th and Saturday August 15th, was a wonderful 2 evening event. Friday evening a team of 11 folks scattered around the flood zone of Southside St. Joseph and knocked on doors to invite those affected by the recent flood to our Hope Rally on Saturday night. We all returned with stories of witnessing the love of Jesus Christ and praying for several folks and families!! Seeds planted!! Saturday evening a group of 25 gathered at the Esther Street park in the same neighborhood. There we worshiped and had snacks, met new friends and enjoyed the evening!


One City Worship

Held Thursday, July 30th 2020, at Greater Jesus Tabernacle due to rain (was originally planned to be outside at Civic Center Park). Several band members from 5 different churches in the city came together to rock out some amazing worship. An evening of unity among the Christian community of St. Joseph with 8 pastors from 8 different churches attending and praying. God is on the move in this city!!

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