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Life Restoration

While we generally relate addiction to drugs and alcohol, the truth is any life controlling behavior is addiction. This can range anywhere from gossiping, an eating disorder, pornography, spending too much money on frivolous things, all the way to a meth or opioid dependance. Let's face it, we all have addictions in our lives! Addiction is a debilitating and humiliating affliction that oppresses the mind, body, and spirit of hundreds of millions of Americans every day. So many people struggling with addiction have experienced trauma or neglect that was beyond their control and developed unhealthy coping behaviors that follow them throughout their lives. 


Anyone who has been convicted by the Holy Spirit knows that the underlying problem is rooted in sin. We live in a sin filled world and temptation is all around us everyday. We believe through the Grace of God anyone can be freed from the burden of sin and the affliction of controlling behaviors.

At the Mission House CCLRC, it is imperative that we heal and restore the soul along with healing the body and mind. We are devoted to emphasizing the need for the power of God through the Holy Spirit. Therefore we focus our attention on these points;

  1. Sharing the love of Jesus Christ and encouraging paths to healthy behaviors and habits

  2. Helping each individual based on their own situation and experiences

  3. Making disciples of Jesus Christ

  4. Holding one another accountable for our actions

  5. Building covenant relationships

  6. Maintaining a strong inner community

  7. Bearing each others burdens


Our ultimate goal is to see everyone free from dependance upon any destructive behavior or substance. We help each individual find the resources that are available in St. Joseph to best meet their needs. We also offer proven classes and courses on life restoration within our community.

We need the help and support of our community to expand our ministry, first of all, to meet the basic needs of our struggling neighbors with shelter and other individual needs. We believe that when a persons basic needs are met it frees them from anxiety of shelter, hunger, clothing, medical care, etc. so they can focus their attention on life restoration and be free to make decisions and changes toward a healthier life. Please consider being a part of that change in the St. Joseph community.

Ways to Give


  1. Take our mailing information to your bank and set up a monthly Automatic Fund Transfer. (100%)

  2. Set up a direct deposit with your workplace. Your employer can obtain our Account info. (100%) Challenge your employer to match your donation.

  3. Mail your donation Monthly. (Stamp fee)


​               Be sure to select desired button at the bottom of                                 the first screen​ "Bank Transfer" on the third                    screen if giving weekly or monthly.






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