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Our Definition of a Christian Covenant Community

A Christian Covenant Community is simply any group of Christ followers who meet regularly for the purpose of the fellowship of the Saints and more importantly, the advancement of the Kingdom of God as prescribed by our Lord Jesus Christ. Other essential commissions include, endeavoring to Godliness, acts of mercy or mission within the local community, the study of the Word of God and the acknowledgment of one another as sisters and brothers through God our Father.


Our community is multi-denominational. We are comprised of people from different churches around the area, in as much as they are in agreement to our covenant.

Our community can be defined by these 8 elements:

  1. We share life together through the eating of meals, community missions and celebrating life's occasions.

  2. Tend the earth through recycling, reuse, and repurpose.

  3. Live healthy: We are committed to healthy eating, exercise and inner peace.

  4. Pay Taxes: we are active and contributing citizens of our society.

  5. We encourage and assist in the establishment of new communities.

  6. We open our doors to anyone in our community as a beacon of hope and characterization of the love of Jesus Christ.

  7. Each member of our community is resolved to eliminate all debt with the purpose of better serving the Lord.

  8. Missions: we give of our time, efforts, and finances to ease the afflictions of the oppressed people in our community.​

A Christian Covenant Community

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